Modular Houses

Modern and very functional , Azimod ® presents models of minimalist modular houses, where space is monetized and used, with different solutions than usual. Produced indoors, the modules are delivered to the customer as a finished product.
The transport to the land owner is done all at once and like a puzzle in which each module is a transportable block, the house only needs to be joined to become a dwelling. We offer turnkey solutions , deliver and install all over the world.
Its construction makes the assembly process faster and simpler, with an average execution time of 5 days except for land with special conditions ), as no excavation earth movement work is required Our houses are designed and manufactured by our company in Portugal, whose interior elements are a sign of our modern times. Its finishes are of the highest quality , where the natural wood and natural vegetal leather and fabric interiors are as beautiful as they are durable.
Our homes are energy efficient with low operating costs durable and made from eco friendly materials that are safe for us and the environment.
Reserve energy by batteries powered by photovoltaic panels solar water heating an innovative system on the market and a composting toilet complete our OFF GRID version as one of the most complete and sustainable in the world.
Base structure in treated wood for the exterior, interior finishes in high resistance and long lasting plywood with thermal and acoustic insulation composed of high density rock wool and anti vapour protective membranes inside and outside the house.
The use of wood for the construction of our houses is an ecological , economical , versatile and advantageous solution: - Rigor and speed of construction, quality of materials; - No waste of raw materials or need to be deposited in landfills; - Thermal, acoustic performance, waterproofing and execution method.
We present 2 versions on the market one aimed at customers who already have infrastructure for connection to their home and another OFF GRID version without any need for infrastructure or complementary means of support this version being aimed at demanding ecological customers with a concern for the future of the planet.
The future is decided today , contact us for more information about our modular houses: